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Property Testing

We sell Mistral USA Drug Detection Kits....
These kits were originally designed for the USA Government and are produced in USA, to meet the USA regulations. They are suitable for drug testing in the home, rental properties, commercial properties, fleet cars, items of concern and any surface you believe to have come into contact with drug residue.

D4D  Multi Panel Pentest Surface Testing Kit is used for detecting illicit substances on property walls and surfaces.
D4D  Aerosol Spray detects illicit substances on surfaces.

D4D Multi panel pentest is used for surface testing of walls and surfaces.
D4D Multi Drug - Surface Wipe   (pack of 5)
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Multi Drug Wipe - Preliminary Surface Test (5 pack)
D4D Multi Drug - Surface Wipe
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Multi Drug Wipe - Preliminary Surface Drug Test
Mistral D4D 100ml Aerosol Spray
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Preliminay, presumptive drug testing for trace & substance levels of drugs of abuse