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D4D Multi Drug - Surface Wipe (5 pack)

D4D Multi Drug - Surface Wipe   (5 pack)
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Multi Drug Wipe - Preliminary Surface Test (5 pack)
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Drugs and your workplace /Property

Preliminary drug detection


Manufactured in the United States to meet US Government Regulations for screening the  D4D PenTest is an ampule-based technology that detects both trace and bulk amounts of drugs.

Illicit substances can be detected quickly and  easily on surfaces with the preliminary colourmetric  D4D PenTest, by wiping the surface  area  with the test papers.

Each foil pouch contains  :  one Test paper
                                       one Control paper
                                       Test Pen
                                       Colour comparison chart
these test  kits are inexpensive, easy-to-use and easy-to-handle. 

Multi Drug Detection :    (5 pack)
·  D4D  screens for - Marijuana, Heroin, Amphetamine,      
                              Methamphetamine, PCP, Morphine, Methadone,  Codeine,
                              Ketamine, Ephedrine-Pseudoephedrine 

D4D is suitable  for surface testing of walls and surfaces with  sensitivity in nanograms per mm2**

Sensitivity in nanograms per mm2** :
• Meth 64 
• Amp 318 
• Heroin 6369 
• PCP 318 

THC / Marijuana residue will  be detected in unknown quantities - due to inconclusive trials of colourmetric change for thc residue, exact sensitivity quantities cannot be stated.

How to Use Pentest    click here

 D4D Aerosol Spray (100ml)
Available through indent only  : ( delivery 3-4 weeks)
·  Coca (Cocaine/Crack)
·  BZO (Diazepam and Rohynpol)
·  Barbitusol (Barbiturates)
·  Cannabis (marijuana)
·  Herosol (Heroin and other drugs)
·  Ephedrine
·  LSD
·  Opiates (Codeine, Morphine, Opium)


Product Overview:

· Easy to use and handle
· Detects trace drug residues
· Ability to mix and match tests to meet requirements
· Bulk drug detection and identification
· Multi-use
· Will not destroy evidence
· D4D and Coca tests detect most drugs with two tests
· Shelf life -each have Lot # and expiry date (approx 12 months)

Please read thoroughly the instructions datasheet prior to use.

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How to Use Pentest
Meth FAQ's
MSDS Sheet


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