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Integrity Testing


Also  referred to as "adulteration"
In a nutshell........ drug screens test for the presence of drugs of abuse in a urine sample, but they do NOT check the  integrity of a urine specimen.  Commercial adulterants are readily available  through retail, online and in  editorials  with the specific purpose of "cheating"  the drug screening process by returning a false negative result through the  use of  substitute or fake urine samples such as Stealth and Klear.
Integrity Tests check a specimens integrity for dilution, substitution or contamination in an effort to combat test tampering.
All multi-panel   urine drug screens have three and up to six  integrity tests included as standard.

Adulterant/Integrity screens test urine specimens for : 
  •  OX   oxidants (oxidizing agents) such as bleach nitrites
  • SG   specific gravity - this checks for dilution and is another check on Creatinine
  • pH   alkaline or acidity of a sample  through ingestion or substitution (lemon juice, apple juice)
  • NIT  nitrites - this checks for the commercial  fake urines such as Klear, Stealth - human urine should not have any traces of nitrites
  • GLUT glutaraldehyde (a preservative) often found in fake urine - a sure indication of specimen substitution or adulteration
  • CRE  creatanine. This is a mandatory test for anyone screening under AS/NZ 4308:2008 and checks for flushing or water loading/dilution.  Low creatanine indicates  a diluted specimen  through adulteration.Integrity screens help protect your testing regime ensuring it  remains robust and is not undermined by "cheats".  They confirm that  chemicals and blockers have not been added to a specimen,  the sample has not been diluted or substituted and the specimen you are screening is indeed urine.

Temperature strips included on all multii-panel screens  also play a part in integrity screening,  confirming that your sample has been freshly voided  and not been carried in for the test and again that nothing has been added to the sample.

A visual check should also be carried out on all urine samples.  Fresh urine is usually clear (not cloudy)-cloudiness is an indication of old urine.