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Reading Test Results

For both Urine & Saliva Screening

All drug screens have built in procedural Control lines (C)   for quality control and this verifies  that the test is working    " as it should."

The Control (C) line should appear first in ALL test windows - this indicates that the screen has sufficient volume of the sample specimen to operate.
If the Control (C)  line does not appear in a test window -  then the test should be deemed invalid and another test used.
A second line (T) should then appear in all test windows.  This indicates a NEGATIVE test result (two lines in each window)

Intensity (darkness) of the second line (T) is  NOT  important.   If you can see a second line, no matter how feint, it is considered a negative result.

These guidelines should be followed :
  • single line in a test window          =  Non Negative (or fail)
  • double line in each test window   = Negative (pass)
  • No Control line                              = No Result/Invalid Test (a new test should be run)
  • All positive results are  presumptive and should be confirmed through GC/MS (Gas Chromatograph/Mass Spectrometery) by an accredited laboratory (CHL)
PS Negative-352PS Positive-69-978-755