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Hire a Breathalyzer

Hire a Breathalyzer
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Breathalyzers available for hire

AlcoStop 2010 BrAC   for Hire   (Breath Alcohol Concentration Analyzer)

Breath Alcohol screening device for the detection of alcohol - measured in a litre of breath.
Operates on a calibrated fuel cell sensor and  arrives  
charged up ready for use.

Cost $149.50 per week. Deposit of $350  required on all hires

Operational Use click here




Hire Costs

1 week  (7 day hire)                                                      $100.00 + gst

NZ Couriers  overnight delivery  to you
Excluding weekends) and self-addressed return
NZ Courier envelope to Drugchek NZ                               $ 30.00 + gst
for return of  the unit promptly

                                                Subtotal           $130.00 + gst
                                                                                     GST             19.50       
                                                                            TOTAL           $149.50


Terms & Conditions :

A deposit of $350 is required on  all hire breathalyzers paid in advance.

Deposit may be paid by direct credit, Visa or Mastercard to Drugchek NZ Ltd
 - the balance of $200.50 will be refunded to your bank  account or credit card upon  the return of the hire  unit to Drugchek NZ,  once it has been receipted  back into stock  at the end of your hire period and inspection passed.

Hire is for 1 week—7 days  and includes  :
(dispatch & return of unit by courier NOT  included in 7 day hire)

· AlcoStop 2010 Breathalyzer BrAC , with wrist-strap, charged and ready for use

· Zip carry case

· 5 Mouthpieces  -individually wrapped  (additional mouthpieces  available $1.50)

· NZ Courier  overnight delivery to you and self-addressed NZC return envelope for  return of  unit  to       
  Drugchek NZ at end of hire period

Units are dispatched to customer fully charged and ready to use in a zip carry case with 5 mouthpieces included.   Additional mouthpieces  available  $1.50ea +.Delivery nationwide is by NZ Couriers  (excluding weekends) and you will receive a further self-addressed envelope for the return of the unit to Drugchek NZ dispatch centre at the end of the hire period.

Loss or Damage to AlcoStop 2010 Unit will be charged as follows :

· Loss or damage to  the breathalyzer  unit will result in no refund. 

· Loss or damage to  the carry case  will be charged at  $75.00 +  with balance of deposit refunded to 

· Loss or damage to  wrist strap will be charged at $25.00 + with balance of deposit refunded to customer

Replacement cost of the AlcoStop 2010  is  $575.00

Disclaimer : Drugchek NZ take no responsibility for erroneous readings, incorrect procedural use, mis-use or abuse of the device, resulting in a drink driving infringement or conviction.  The Alcostop is a front-line breath alcohol screening device providing  calibrated, accurate, rapid indicative breath alcohol concentration measurement and should be used as a guideline only.




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