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Personal Testing

Worried that your teenager or a loved one may be using illicit drugs ??......

we have cost effective, accurate and easy to use  drug screening  solutions -
providing results within minutes.
Urine screens verified to Appdx B AS/NZ 4308:2008
Saliva screens(oral fluids) to AS 4720:2006
Easy to use  Surface and Substance Wipes for  substance screening -  peace of mind 
Marijuana (THC)  Single Panel Urine Screen
excl GST
(THC) Min Qty 5 pack $21 - ($4.20 each)
Methamphetamine  Single Panel/Urine
excl GST
(METH) Min Qty 5 pack $21 - ($4.20each)
Marijuana (THC) & Methamphetamine 2 Panel
excl GST
2 Panel Test Min Qty 5 pack $30 - ($6 each)
K2 Synthetic Cannabinoids (THC) Single Panel
excl GST
K2 (THC) Min Qty 5 pack $40 - ($8 each)
Specimen Collection Cups (5pk)
excl GST
for use with single panel urine screens
Oral Cube 7+  Alcohol  (Saliva)
excl GST
Saliva screen for the 6 drugs of abuse + synthetic cannabinoids and Alcohol
ProScreen 6 Panel
excl GST
6 Panel Drug Screen w/adulterants
SureStep EZI Cup
excl GST
6 Panel Split Cup
InnoScreen Split Cup
excl GST
6 Panel Split Cup Drug Screen
D4D Multi Drug - Surface Wipe
excl GST
Multi Drug Wipe - Preliminary Surface Drug Test